Spiritual Beauty Retreat

A Beautiful State of Being

January 23rd or 24th 2021

Transforming your life from the inside out

When we begin to really listen to ourselves, know ourselves, belong to ourselves, we take aligned, integral action with greater confidence and ease, creating our success from a deeper place.


*Ayurvedic Light Food

*Healing Teas

*Prayer/Meditation Shawl

*Bliss Bag with Healing Products

Wear Warm comfortable layered clothing as we will be inside and outside

We are Covid friendly so limited space available and protocol regulated.



Arrival/Check-in 9:45

*Intention Setting & Orientation 10:00 am

Begin your journey with this session of intention setting, sacred oil blend, welcome packet, and orientation for your retreat. You will be invited to identify which intentions you have for beginning your life anew. Get centered, get comfortable and use this session as a great start to launch your journey within.

*Soulful Inner Journey
Connect more deeply with your Soul through a deep Inner Journey. Your Practitioner will guide you during this meditative session, enabling you to gain deep peace here and now. From this still place you may gain utmost clarity, wisdom, and strength. The deepest Self-Love is when we feel the Divine presence within ourselves. Release stress, focus, and feel at peace within your own Soul.

*Intuitive Energy Healing Session with Lorri

Energy Healing is a therapy of the subtle energetic body. It is a healing technique that balances energies and works on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. This energetic treatment can manipulate the source of imbalance in the body and dissolve unhealthy patterns and sources of illnesses. As strong alchemy flows through in the course of the treatment, this process can manifest itself in the form of powerful visual perceptions of energies, colors, yawning, crying, strong visualization of various geometric structures and light. Energy Healing clears energetic blocks from the DNA while simultaneously clearing the pathway toward Ascension. Essential oils, Crystals, and Tuning Forks will be part of your session.

*Intuitive Soul Reading

Every human has a soul yet we often leave it on the sidelines in our development. No matter what you desire to create in your life, it all begins with you, who you are. This isn't about doing, it is about being. Being your authentic self in a world constantly telling you to be someone else.

This session allows you the time to share and have a deeper understanding about your energy healing session, while being empowered to make better life choices and decisions with this newfound knowledge and insight.

*Energy infused facials and skin care with Holli

Where science and spirit meet.

The best of Holistic Skin Care and Energy Healing blended together.

During this special Healing Energy Facial Holli will address your physical beauty concerns with the highest quality holistic products and skin care techniques, such as acupressure and lymphatic work. A blend of healing energy techniques allow your body, mind and spirit to slow down and to slip into a deep state of relaxation releasing stress, a major contributor of premature aging and health related concerns. Holli will be offering 3 different techniques for you to choose from.

*Intuitive Mediumship and Messages from Heaven with Tesa

Tesa has been a gifted Psychic & Medium since birth; she loves connecting to Spirit and sharing specific guidance to help others in their journey. Join Tesa in a gallery reading where you'll have the opportunity to connect with your loved ones in a safe and loving environment. What stories does your loved one have to share with you? What do you desire to share directly with them? Connect & communicate with those you've loved & lost in a sacred and respectful way.

*Chair Massage and Reflexology with Cindy

Relax and exhale during this pure bliss chair massage or foot reflexology session with Cindy. On-site chair massage improves circulation by increasing the blood flow to help the healing in the body. It reduces stress hormones, which lowers high blood pressure. A good massage re-awakens the body, mind, and spirit by connecting us to the inner ability to self heal. Furthermore, it increases oxygen to the brain, which builds better mental focus. Reflexology is an ancient therapy that focuses on healing in the body by activating different reflex points found in the hands and feet. Pressing on the different points causes reflex responses in corresponding parts of the body, which can help promote healing. Reflexology is based on the idea that the glands, organs, and parts of the body are reflected in specific reflex areas on the hands, feet, and ears. Applying pressure to these specific points can reduce pain and anxiety and promote circulation, relaxation, and healing in the body.


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