Cleanse Your Energy with a Body and Soul Soak!  Throughout normal day-to-day life, you will encounter a wide variety of people and places, all of which have unique energetic signatures.You too have a unique energy signature, and it is constantly interacting with all of the other energies around you.Some of these vibrational energies are fine light and positive, and when you encounter them, you feel uplifted, refreshed, and inspired. However, much of what you will encounter is really quite dense, and carries with it a low vibration that if absorbed and not addressed can build up in your energy and seriously weigh you down. Have you ever felt like you were carrying the ‘weight of the world on your shoulders’…? Energetically speaking this is a very real phenomenon. There is plenty of negativity in the world out there, and in a moment of letting your shield of love and joy down, it’s easy to take on these lower vibrations (especially if you’re energetically sensitive).The good news is your energy body is able to naturally shake off some of the dense energy of the world you encounter… But when you encounter particularly heavy or consistently low vibrations, they may linger in your energy field, and build up over time. This is what creates that tired, heavy or uncomfortable feeling. Dense energy in your aura will also lead to increased stress, emotional rollercoasters, and even health challenges… And much more. These powerful Cleansing and Balancing Aura clearing Bath Soaks are a uplifting divine experience! Also great for meditation and reflection at the end of a hectic day. I use these daily! Relax...Release....Breathe....

Body and Soul Bath Soak 16 oz.

  • This ultra therapeutic blend of Dead Sea, Epsom and mineral salts softens and replenishes the skin of its essential minerals; magnesium, potassium, bromides, etc. These vital minerals help ease muscle tensions, promote cellular activity and regeneration, soothes dry and irritated skin, reduce inflammation and draw out toxins.  A tablespoon or more in warm water will ease muscle tensions, and soften skin