Upon first discovering Northern Idaho, I was taken back by not only the astounding beauty and magnificence of unspoiled nature, but the intoxicating smell that permeated the air. My first reaction was to just "be" and to breathe...As I inhaled deeply, I closed my eyes and exhaled, it was magic, taking me to a place of comfort and hope... it was like returning to peace....The beauty and fragrance that surrounded me was intoxicating.  It was not only the beautiful combination of all the natural essence that laced the air with hints of fresh flowers, earth, and crystal clear water but it was more....it was also the healing energy that exists among it all.


Northern Idaho brought me back to a place that was lost for me it seemed, from living in a concrete world for too long. Nature and all her glory truly is God's Church, It is our medicine, our healing gift that we are all part of but many have forgotten. So it is time... time for all of us to realize this and that it  is possible to return to an intrinsic life of joy and beauty, and to free yourself from what no longer matters while becoming aware of what is real and what is not. It begins with just being still for a moment and inhaling the beauty of life through your heart and align with only love and light, then exhale knowing you are one with it all and it's possible to find peace and truth within.


As a Perfumer and Aromatherapist, I was able to capture what I feel to be the essence, the energy of this beautiful place which I am grateful and honored to be part of and call home. The "Essence" a divine synergistic elixir that holds the energy from the radiant beauty and energy of Northern Idaho. 

Simple and delicate floral notes and elegant blossoms are captured and blended with aromatic rose, lilac, and white tea accords, softened with cedar.

The Essence of Coeur d'Alene Essential Oil Blend 1 oz. dropper bottle