With over 27 years of experience working with the healing properties of essential oils. I have connected with one of my greatest gifts Intuitive Guided Blending. In the most basic terms, I can see the way energy moves through the body, and I have a strong connection to the higher dimensions through which I help reconnect clients to their own divine frequencies. As we are able to more fully embody our divine essence, our lives heal and improve. It is like going to the root of our problems and healing our lives from the inside out.

I’ve developed the art of blending specific oils together that can help someone move into a more balanced state to match their core constituent. Through a serious of physical, mental and emotional questions, I am able to connect to that person’s energy and formulate a soul blend to help them achieve greater happiness, harmony and contentment. It can help someone become more self-aware and self-accepting. It can inspire and motivate you to set authentic goals, to act and react from their authentic core.