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Ritual Aromatics

Attune to the healing frequencies of botanical alchemy

Essential oil frequencies have a wide range from 46 MHz up to 580 Mhz. Healthy people have a smaller range and our bodies function well between 62-72MHz. Disease begins at 58 Mhz. Each organ and part of our body operates at it’s own frequency and each responds to other frequencies in their own way. For example, the heart resonates at a different frequency than the skin or our bones. Using a wide array of essential oils with varying frequencies can help support all the systems of your body.

Powerful Healing Blends


Utilizing ancient preparation techniques and over 36 different Essential Oils known as Plant Essences, these oils have an exquisitely beautiful aroma and move energy effectively.

Powerful, Healing, and Balancing



Angels are spiritual beings whose energy is so light and pure, their presence and guidance are easy to miss unless you take steps to raise your vibration, and consciously tune into the realm of Angels. Essential oils each have a specific and constant vibration. Many essential oils carry an incredibly high and light frequency, which when inhaled or applied to the skin, will raise your vibration to bring you into alignment with the Angelic Realm. Over the years as I became more aware and present with connecting to the Angels, I realized their presence was more profound when using certain combinations of high vibration Essential Oils...This powerful collection is just that! Anoint yourself, close your eyes, breathe and bring focus to your heart your Angel or allow them to choose who arrives then listen and feel....such a beautiful and profound experience! Infused with Quartz Crystal Essence.

Divine Essence


Inspired by pure unconditional love and light, this rare and limited edition is made with the aromatherapy of organic essential oils suspended in a high vibrational gemstone essence.

Solfeggio Sound Essence


There’s something happening now, during this unprecedented time in history. The currents of energy sweeping this planet are unearthing Solfeggio frequencies — sound frequencies used in Gregorian chants, one of which was the great hymn of St. John the Baptist.  The special tones of Solfeggio were used to unite man with his maker. They did this by undoing all the conditions and conditioning that cause separation from source, be it physical, mental or spiritual. The Solfeggio frequencies were so effective that they undermined the power of the Vatican, so they were conveniently “lost” and went into oblivion for a very long time. Many feel humanity is now ready to handle these sacred tones, as we are in the midst of The Great Shift and our level of consciousness is ascending rapidly.

Essential Oil Formulations: Projects
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