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Angelis In Nobis

Angels among us

It all started with an abandoned Pittie mix named Harley...who at the time I didn't realize would not only become my best friend and Guardian Angel over 13 years, but even after her passing she was still guiding me. After a year of trying to convince myself that I didn't want another dog, but feeling lost and such a void not having my best friend by my side, I felt pulled in that direction and decided it was time. Upon looking at the Shelters, I had a break down in the middle of one of them, as the suffering was all so overwhelming. There were so many lost and homeless animals begging and crying longing and wanting to be acknowledged and seen....This was the reason for my trip not only to adopt but to SEE really SEE what is happening. Harley showed me the way....This is why  Angelis in Nobis foundation was formed. Where we are committed to helping homeless, abandoned, and at risk animals find happy loving homes. We cant turn a blind eye to what is happening with the many lost, neglected, abandoned, and abused animals. With your help, we can pull animals from shelters who have received a death sentence, rescue animals from owners who surrender them or the abandoned ones out on the streets alone and find forever loving homes for them or let them live out their lives knowing love and safety again.

Together we can...

What we do with Your help

Rescue dogs, cats and other animals

Provide Veterinary care

Partnership with Animal Adoption Centers

Raise awareness for abandoned animals

Angelis In Nobis: About Us
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