Angelis In Nobis

"Angels Among Us"

Angelis In Nobis "Angels Among Us"
is the collaboration and creation of pure divine love and light gathered together by Earth Angels to form Spiritual Beauty. Earth Angels are born in human form, live the human life here on Earth and share with the world generously and tirelessly the love, light and kindness of their hearts.

A Place for Healing and Personal Growth

Spiritual Beauty Retreats offer an exclusive and intimate experience with highly trained practitioners that are focused completely on your needs. Our Retreats are transformative and healing while becoming aware that peace is a state of mind and happiness is a choice

Sanctuary of the Soul

Ignite the wisdom and magic of your Divine essence and journey within...Spiritual Beauty offers you the opportunity to balance and align your body, mind and spirit through events, workshops, and sacred gatherings  Facilitated by certified practitioners individually and privately in a safe and loving environment. 

Now is the time...

Unity Consciousness, The All is the One, and the One is the All As consciousness begins to awaken even further, the ego drops and judgments begin to fade away. You realize that the darkness of the world is a direct reflection of the shadow that still exists inside of you. You no longer try to change the world, but rather begin to heal yourself. The love that grows within begins to translate into compassion and understanding for the external world. Love is the only weapon that truly holds power. I am no longer attached to my labels, but see myself as an ever-changing field of consciousness. I ultimately hold all the power to ‘create’ my perception of reality, nothing is inherently ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Nothing has power over me or my reality unless I have on some level agreed to it. Judgment now has become discretion. Although I no longer judge people from a moral standpoint, I use discretion in what I spend my time and energy on. I am beginning to see that God, the Divine is within. As the master inside of me begins to awaken I realize I have held the power all along. The fear of mind control and manipulation drops away and the pure light of truth rises up within and leads us into a Golden Age of Peace.....

Angelis In Nobis 

Angelis In Nobis

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