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Spiritual Beauty

Retreats and Classes

Healing is the journey. The destination is yourself….Only by fearlessly looking within can you embrace the landscape of your life and open yourself completely to all the love and compassion that lives inside you


Spiritual Beauty Retreats

A Place for healing and growth


Our Retreats offer an exclusive and intimate experience with highly trained practitioners that are focused completely on your needs. Our Retreats are transformative and healing while becoming aware that peace is a state of mind and happiness is a choice


Awakening Radiance

Spiritual Guidance and The Path of Healing $200.00

The journey of waking up is unique to each of us. Spiritual guidance is a gift that potentially accelerates our process. For most of us there comes a turning point, a place we reach where we know we must either rise above our circumstances, our

poor choices, our emotional pain, and  rise into our own greatness no matter the cost, or risk settling for less for the rest of our lives and living out our days in the land of compromise and regret. 

This is a series of weekly classes with Lorri. 



Relieve stress and anxiety during this class.  Learn the importance of keeping your Energy body and meridians open and healthy with  body tapping and deep dantien (belly) breathing before being guided into a beautiful calming inner journey with a guided meditation.  Includes healing tea and journal time if desired. 
10 Benefits of Meditation
1 - Meditation relieves overall stress. It can lighten the load of a busy day and relieve your physical and emotional stress through relaxation.
2 – It helps you look young by getting rid of all that stress that can add wrinkles to your face and make you ill. You feel energized and rejuvenated, lightening your load and reducing feelings of sadness and despair.
3 – Meditation gives you added energy. Your concentrated breathing and relaxation improves your blood circulation, giving you more energy to be productive and do enjoyable things in life.
4 – Lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease and improves your immune system. Through relaxation and breathing techniques, meditation can lower your heart rate and blood pressure, making you healthier.
5 – Meditation can improve your concentration level and clear your mind. When you’ve faced your demons and unnecessary thoughts, your mind is free to accommodate more important and pressing matters in your life.
6 – Awaken higher levels of your creativity and potential. By weeding out the negative toxins in your mind, you have more freedom to explore things that will bring you more development and improvement.
7 – Eliminate anger and fear. We often repress these emotions because they are sometimes too much to bear. When we openly accept them into our thoughts, we let them go and allow them to disappear.
8 – When you let go of fear and anger, when you are happy and improved, it immediately improves your relationships with others.
9 –  It provides you with peace of mind and general happiness
10 – You develop tolerance. When you are less tense, less stressed, and happier, you become more calm in dealing with tense situations.

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