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Arrival/Check in 9:45 am

Intention Setting & Orientation 10:00 am
Begin your journey with a session of intention setting, sacred oil blend, welcome packet, and orientation for your retreat. You will be invited to identify which intentions you have for beginning your life anew. Get centered, get comfortable and use this session as a great start to launch your journey within. 

Mantra Creation, Intention Setting and Bath Salt Ritual with Amy 

Begin a journey into yourself. Create your own healing bath salts steeped with powerful intention in order to manifest your heart’s  desire. Using organic salts, essential oil blends, herbs, flowers,  crystals, and gemstones to create your own Body and Soul Bath  Soak. Combining Dead Sea, Epsom, Desert mineral, and Himalayan  salts to create your pure bliss Aromatherapy Bath salt, making ritual of  routine, imparting softness to your skin, healthfully refreshing your  body and leaving your senses at peace.  

Your experience will begin with a guided meditation intended to center  and connect you to your sacred heart in order to manifest your heart’s  desire and set powerful intention. Then, using a simple yet powerful  word weaving exercise, you will create a personalized & meaningful  mantra deeply steeped in your own intention. This mantra can be  used as an incantation to infuse yourself with love and send that  potent love spell into the world.  

Inspired by the mantra you will speak your intentions clearly as you  mix and create your bath salts. This loving self care ritual will be  completed after the retreat when you can take full body bath or foot  soak in your salts to amplify and integrate your intentions. We are in a  time of powerful transformation, and setting a clear intention will help  you manifest your deepest desires and guide you down a road of new  beginnings and expansion; taking you layers deeper into personal and collective transformation.

Intuitive Energy Healing Session with Lorri

Energy Healing is a therapy of the subtle energetic body. It is a healing technique that balances energies and works on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. This energetic treatment can manipulate the source of imbalance in the body and dissolve unhealthy patterns and sources of illnesses. As strong alchemy flows through in the course of the treatment, this process can manifest itself in the form of powerful visual perceptions of energies, colors, yawning, crying, strong visualization of various geometric structures and light. Energy Healing clears energetic blocks from the DNA while simultaneously clearing the pathway toward Ascension. Essential oils, Crystals, and Tuning Forks will be part of your session.

For the Love of Beauty with Holli

Energy infused facials and skin care where science and spirit meet.

The best of Holistic Skin Care and Energy Healing blended together.

During this special Healing Energy Facial Holli will address your physical beauty concerns with the highest quality holistic products and skin care techniques, such as acupressure and lymphatic work. A blend of healing energy techniques allow your body, mind and spirit to slow down and to slip into a deep state of relaxation releasing stress, a major contributor of premature aging and health related concerns. Holli will be offering 3 different techniques for you to choose from.

Embracing the path of Letting Go

Join Guest Speaker Brandon Rector and discover the ancient paths for success in times of intensity. We are in a time of extreme change, uncertainty and divisiveness. Brandon will share deep insights and divine encouragement to step into new paths and self-transformation. He has the ability to find meaningful words of light in the midst of dark and challenging moments. Welcome to the path of letting go to any past, present and future limitations in this time of inspiration and soul development.

Shamanic Energy Session with Kim

​​Shamanic energy healing is one of the most ancient forms of healing practiced by humans worldwide. Shamanic sessions are powerful for assisting with big life changes such as: job transitions, marriage and divorce, finding love, death and grief, and manifesting of one's passion and life calling. The energy work is a proactive partnership between the client and practitioner that facilitates deep transformation and healing.

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