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Spiritual Beauty Retreat


Saturday February 20th or 21st 2021

An Invitation To Retreat 

A Gift and Necessity of Taking Time for Quiet Stillness and Connecting to the Divine within...

Spiritual Beauty Retreats offer an exclusive and intimate experience with highly trained practitioners that are focused completely on your needs. Our Retreats are transformative and healing while becoming aware that peace is a state of mind and happiness is a choice.

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Arrival/Check in 9:45 am

Intention Setting & Orientation 10:00 am

Begin your journey with a session of intention setting, sacred oil blend, welcome packet, and orientation for your retreat. You will be invited to identify which intentions you have for beginning your life anew. Get centered, get comfortable and use this session as a great start to launch your journey within.

Soulful Inner Journey Meditation
Strengthen the spiritual connection with your Soul, or higher self, as you journey inward. You will be guided during this meditative session into the etheric realm. Relaxing into the subconscious one can attain a higher state of consciousness. The result may be a sense of inner knowing, peace and bliss, or expansive awakening. Trust you will get what you need, and are ready for, from this spiritual deepening session.

Intuitive Energy Healing Session 

Energy Healing is a therapy of the subtle energetic body. It is a healing technique that balances energies and works on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. This energetic treatment can manipulate the source of imbalance in the body and dissolve unhealthy patterns and sources of illnesses. As strong alchemy flows through in the course of the treatment, this process can manifest itself in the form of powerful visual perceptions of energies, colors, yawning, crying, strong visualization of various geometric structures and light. Energy Healing clears energetic blocks from the DNA while simultaneously clearing the pathway toward Ascension. Essential oils, Crystals, and Tuning Forks will be part of your session.

Oracle Card Reading

The proper use of divination tools can tap dormant provisions within us which may further the path of inner awakening. It helps recognize the primary influences within your current life and what is coming up on your journey by uncovering aspects of your psyche, emotional body, and your overall vibrational field. 

For The Love of Beauty 

Energy and Crystal infused facials and skin care....where science and spirit meet.

The best of Holistic Skin Care and Energy Healing blended together.

During this special Healing Energy Facial your physical beauty concerns will be addressed with the highest quality holistic products and skin care techniques, such as acupressure and lymphatic work. A blend of healing energy techniques allow your body, mind and spirit to slow down and to slip into a deep state of relaxation releasing stress, a major contributor of premature aging and health related concerns. Crystals and precious gemstones will be used for the mineral and high vibrational properties that can regenerate your skin.

Sound Vibrational Healing 
This spiritual healing session fosters physical and emotional healing, as well as spiritual attunement. Using sound instruments, delve deep into your Spirit to uproot and be free of internal dialogue and baggage.  

Relax into the sound. Allow yourself to be lifted up in comfort and love.

Breathe in and breathe out as your being returns to its natural state.

The vibrations of sound work on a cellular level to tune the chakras and nervous system, aligning the body, mind, and spirit. Sound therapy is known to take the brain into theta and delta states, aiding anxiety, depression, stress, and insomnia.

Create your own Intention Candle

Lighting a candle for a particular purpose or intention is practiced worldwide from people of all walks of life.  Lighting a candle symbolizes bringing light to our wishes or desires.  A candle can be lit as a prayer fopeace or a request for healing. People of Christian faith believe that lighting a candle symbolizes the Light of Christ. We light candles on top of our birthday cakes in celebration of each cherished year of our lives.

Lighted candles are reflections of our emotional self and help to illuminate our hearts when we feel burdened. You are invited to reflect on whatever is resonating within you at this the moment.

Please reserve below or call

Lorri 702-375-6523

Holli 208-651-0333


Nourishing Light Fare and Snacks

Healing Teas

Bliss Bag with Healing Products

Covid protocols in place

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