“Let me start by saying, I love every oil created by Lorri. Being a man, fragrance and oils are usually not in my wheelhouse for daily use. I have found that Lorri is able to intuitively create the unique blends necessary for my life and daily use. Her angelic intention-setting and spiritual insights are invaluable to me. I would highly recommend that everyone try her products and meet her for consultation- you will find it well worth your time and effort.”`

A few years back I was visiting CDA and my friend asked if want to go to a yoga class.  I said sure. When I walk into Lorri’s Pretty Angel Botanical studio, I knew this yoga class, would be very special. And her essential oils smelled heavenly. Her class was not traditional at all. We moved and pounded while live music was playing and her presence was like an angel in the room healing us all.  When we went to lay down, she came to each one of us and did healing of our souls... Being in Lorri’s presence was so moving, I wanted to know about her and her oils, which also are magical because she makes them from her higher self.  Lorri truly has a gift for healing and knowing what is needed in each spirit she comes in touch with you.  And besides, she is beautiful.  
Love and Blessings Lorri.

I have been purchasing Lorri's oils for at least 10 years. I use them in diffusers at home (in several rooms) and at my office every day.   It amazes me how you come up with a scent to help me with whatever I have going on in my life at any given time.  I’m currently diffusing “Clarity” at work.

I’ve had countless people compliment the scents.  So much so, that several of my co-workers ask me to let them know when I’m placing my next order, so they can purchase. My house cleaner fell in love with what I use in my diffuser, and now he uses a few drops into the water when he cleans my home!  Your oils last longer than any others I’ve tired, they are strong without being over powering.  The perfect blend!  I keep hoping you will once again open a location in Las Vegas.  Until then, I will continue to order and have you ship to me.

Keep spreading the love, Lorri.  You are gifted!

My name is Sheila, I'm an energy worker and a massage therapist. I went into Pretty Angel Botanicals about 4 years ago, to buy some oil for my healing practice. When I first met Lorri I knew that we would be friends. She is the most loving person I have ever met! Lorri made an oil just for me and my client's. I use her oil's in all my diffusers and all my client love them! The oil's that she makes are unique to you or your business or your home. She can tune into what you are in need of to help with whatever is need of healing! I use the archangels oils that she has with my energy work to lift the energy of my clients. 
On a personal level, I use her oil's for my perfume and love them! They uplift me and help me get through my day, it has made all the difference in the world. My personal favorite is Love and the Fairy dust, I put it on every day. Archangel Metatron is so powerful and one of my favorite and the one I  use most often in my practice. Lorri can adjust a sent that you like but might have a reaction to, she has had to do that for me and the oil was spot on. Once you buy oil from Lorri, you will forever buy from her! She has customers from all over the world! I can not say enough  good things about her or her oils

Lorri came highly recommended to me and I have never been disappointed! Her Healing Oil got me thru the flu that others were afflicted with for weeks, in just a few days! Amazing! My son and his girlfriend are quite familiar with different Essential Oils and always ask for Lorri's, they will support anything a person is dealing with on so many levels. I was very excited to sample her CBD  oil as there are so many to choose from on the market right now. I trust Lorri's quality and intentions, they are always for the highest good. I hope that she is able to do this marvelous work for the planet for many years to come!

When I walked into Pretty Angel Botanicals 4 years ago I had no idea what to expect. I was absolutely floored! Between the true beauty of the store and the A-MAZING aromas I knew I was I  heaven. As I was taking all of this in a very energetic and friendly lady named Lorri greeted me.  From that moment is when I learned about Lorri and what she does.  The breathtaking oils, the unique lotions, the savory bath salts and so much, much more.  She has a passion for people that shows in EVERY single creation she makes or interaction she has with you! It shows in the way she tries to help, educate and heal everyone she comes in contact with. Lorri's creations are life-changing for so many people, including myself. Anyone who is lucky enough to know Lorri knows they've been touched by an Angel

Lorri’s high vibrational oils serve so many people. I have had the blessing to have custom made oils according to my needs while sitting one on one with her. She also goes out of her way to create beautiful packaging when mailing out her products and adds a personal touch. She cares deeply for each person she’s serving. I use them around my home and carry some in my car and in my jacket. When I step out of my car I’ve had many people ask what the beautiful smell is and I instantly let them know that it’s Pretty Angel Botanical by Lori. I have shared her oils with friends. They comment on the high quality. Thank you for all you do for everyone you come in contact with directly and indirectly.
Five Stars

This place is amazing. The owner is so knowledgeable and intuitive. I am so very glad I came in here. Things made in front of me for me. Doesn't get more personal and centered than that.

Wow!! So loving and kind. A very uplifting atmosphere with the sweetest super knowledgeable Lorri! Thank you so much for what you do! I can't wait to stop in again!

I love love love this shop! Definitely worth checking out... and if you do..you will become a forever customer

It is truly a spiritual place. The beauty of the store and the owner all walk hand in hand. Love it

Lorri is an amazing person and has the most wonderful energy. I loved how peaceful and calming the shop was. Thank you for making us feel so loved.

Lorri you are such a gift to my heart, you carry the magical blessings of truth and awareness, that either I had forgotten or never known.  You've helped me to take another look at my life and to honor the process of time and growth.  You've gifted me the clarity and understanding that my past experiences didn't hinder my growth, but instead offered the unfolding of many, many blessings.  You have helped me to rediscover my own soul and blossom into my own beauty.  Because you always believed in me, I've found the courage to use my blessings with the hope of helping others renew their belief in their own blessings from God....Love Future Blossoms

I am below the low tolerance standard.  So when I woke up one morning with a slight tinge of pain in my knew I felt confident that I could handle it, it was slight. That is until I stood up and put pressure on it and felt the excruciating pain that had me down on my knees.  Thoughts ran through my mind of a complete knee replacement.  I immediately called my orthopedic surgeon for an emergency appointment. I had and meeting with my energy healer Lorri and as I hobbled in dragging my bad leg, she looked at me and when I explained to her the excruciating pain she calmly said" I have some essential oils that will take care of that" I was glad to get on her healing table and take the pressure off my knew.  We had our session and as I was ready to leave she handed me a bottle of Deep Relief Essential oil blend and said rub this on it. When I got in the car I immediately put some on and felt some relief, later that afternoon I used it again and before bed. When I woke the next morning, I realized the pain was completely gone, truly a miracle! I am so thankful for Lorri. What a gift of nature she uses to heal mixed with unconditional love and white light.  P.S. I did call and cancel my orthopedic appointment.


Pretty Angel Botanicals

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